poetry – I can’t cry

I can’t cry anymore.
He was too sweet for that.
She was too much like me for that.
They made me happy.

I can’t cry anymore.
He took me out too much.
She hung with me too much.
They gave me time.

I can’t cry anymore.
He protected me too much.
She had my back too much.
They cared about me.

I can’t cry anymore.
He took purity from me.
She advised it.
They praised me for it.

I can’t cry anymore.
He left bruises.
She said nothing.
They hurt me.

I can’t cry anymore.
He took life from me.
She wasn’t there for me.
They kept it secret.

I can’t cry anymore.
He changed my life.
She watched it happen.
They left me.

I don’t cry anymore.
They are the reason.

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Well, it’s here again. The holiday that everyone seems to downplay but always be so prepared for. Yes, Thanksgiving. There are many that are in it for the food and others that are in it for the traveling. But let’s not get so caught up in traditions that we forget what it is all about, giving thanks.


I guess it would be normal during this time to list out all the things that I am thankful for but I want to take a different approach and give you something different.


“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18



Haven’t we all heard this one a thousand times! Ha.
Something stood out to me in this verse though. That “IN” part.
It say “IN every thing…” What does that mean? That means while you are in the midst of something give thanks. No matter what is going on in your life whether good or bad, while you are IN it, give thanks. When you are in the car, give thanks. When you are in a storm, give thanks. When you are in debt, give thanks. When you are in the middle of an exam, give thanks. In the summer, fall, spring, and winter, give thanks. In your sad, mad, depressed, happy, and excited times give thanks.

I could go all night. But do you see all those “in”s?

Don’t wait til Thanksgiving approaches to give thanks to God. You can do at any time in any moment. This concerns us!


Hair enthusiast.

I’m starting to get into hair a little more since I do my own to save money. These are the styles I have done so far since I’ve moved to Tennessee. I will update when I start doing more styles. Next up… marley twists for Thanksgiving!

box braid bob.
uneven box braid bob


uneven box braid bob pt. 2







the puff


twist out

poetry – everything is music.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Everything is music.

Even the beat from my faucet.

The tic of my clock,

The force of the wind,

Random tings from the wall,

Random barks from the dogs,

Inhales, exhales

Everything is music

#favorites – foods

  • pizza

  • cabbage

  • collard greens

  • tomato sauce

  • dried cranberries

  • rice

  • blueberry delight

  • oatmeal

  • jelly cake

  • cheesecake

  • tilapia

  • crab

  • fries

  • salt n vinegar chips

  • dill pickle chips

  • ketchup chips

  • pineapple