What needs to be removed from your life?



  1. negative vibes

    Cliche don’t you think? Although cliche, it’s true. This needs to be removed out of every part of my life. Not just negative vibes from other people, but negative thoughts, tendencies, materials, environments, temptations, etc. I need everything negative removed. If I take the time to surround myself with positivity, I strongly believe I will produce positivity in my life. The last post I talked about my happiness. Now, I must protect my happiness from the draining spirit that is negativity. It has to go in order to maintain my happiness.

  2. fear

    …of things, of certain emotions, of people’s thoughts, of the unknown, of abandonment etc… The list goes on. This has to be removed because it will keep me from growing and keep me from opportunities that could open for me. It will also hinder me spiritually. My fears drown me at times which affects my life in so many different ways. It has to go if I want to go anywhere.

  3. mean

    As I mature, this one seems to dwindle. I dislike the fact that some people for a long time looked at me as mean or bitter. I can’t lie. When I was younger, that was a dominant characteristic I possessed. The more I grow up and see the results of people’s kindness and sweetness, the more I want the word “mean” out of the few words that would describe me. I can confidently say that it’s more than halfway gone now. I can see a better me and better results.




This is what needs to be removed from my life.

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