reminder about my nature.



an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law


The divine law is God in this instance. Sin is something you do wrong that is against God and His commandments.


Everyone sins. Even Christian’s sin. I think sometimes people forget to see that Christians are not perfect. Just because we follow certain rules and go to church almost every day doesn’t mean we are free from mistakes. We still get things wrong and we are bound to make mistakes. I can’t deny that I was born a sinner. I can’t say or act like I’m above sin because I’ve done it before. I also can’t shortchange consequences for my sins. Even though I have a relationship with God, sometimes I mess up and fail. That’s just the realness of it all.

The difference is though, we know how to get it right. We know where to seek forgiveness. We confess. Sin requires God’s forgiveness and Christ’s death allowed us to do so. We also know how to resist sin and all that comes with it. When we make the decision that we are going to live for Christ and follow His commandments that shows our change and sincerity. God loves a sincere heart.


I’m no different than you when it comes to sin. God hates ALL sin. The difference comes with how we handle our sin.


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