#FG2W Part 1: Equality

With this being part one of this series, I want to start at the very beginning. There are so many lessons to be learned and so many places in the Bible where I can start building this journey. I believe as I tried to figure out where to start I was overthinking it a little too much when the starting point was very simple to find. Everything starts at “the beginning”, so I am going to start this journey out at “the beginning”.



Let’s take it way back when we were first created. That’s right, we are starting in Genesis.



There are many different lessons to learn about being a woman in Genesis alone. I mean, we can look at creation to get so much from it and then we have the first woman herself, Eve. Just her experience in Genesis can give us so many life lessons about womanhood. But there was one that I thought was very important to share to start this series.



That  lesson is equality.



When I think of the word “equality” and “woman”, the first thing that comes to mind is “I can do anything a man can do with the same results, if not better”. This has been a definition for equality in society for a long time. Though the world knows it’s not the true definition, if you decipher the picture they give you that definition above is exactly what is being bought. Women around the world have been trying to prove themselves worthy to be accepted and seen as a force. Nowadays, women portray themselves as though they can do both the job of a woman and fill the shoes of a man as well so this somewhat makes us at least an inch superior. This is what makes a woman a superhero of some sort. For example, it’s like saying because the world is alright with women wearing pants, that makes women better than men because women can wear skirts AND pants while men can only wear pants to be accepted. That is a broad way of looking at it but we take simple scenarios like this and apply the idea to other aspects of life to make women better. Then, society calls it “equality“. What we don’t see is that THIS way of equality devalues women.



This is really NOT what equality means and it is certainly NOT what it is about.



So what does it mean exactly?



Equality – the state or quality of being equal



I got this definition from dictionary.com, a website that people all over the world use. This goes to show you that the world has a way of knowing what true equality is. It says that it’s “the state or quality of being equal” with equal being the key world. Let’s break it down a little more and look at the meaning of equal.



Equal – like or alike in quantity, degree, value



Now let’s work the algebra problem out. If we plug the definition of equal into the definition of equality it will say “the state or quality of being like or alike in quantity, degree, value” (check those algebra skills out…lol). There is our definition of true equality.



Now where does Genesis fit in with all of this?



Well, to understand true equality, we must look at the very beginning when we were first created. So, we all know the story of creation, right? Genesis 1:1 it states, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Pretty self-explanatory. That was the start of everything. Then, God continues to create more and more parts of the earth (If you never read it for yourself, I recommend it. Quite mind blowing if you ask me.). Once you read on down we get to verse 27 which says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.



This verse right here, verse 27, tells us that God made both man and woman, male AND female, in His image. Both man and woman was at the pinnacle, the peak, of God’s creation. It wasn’t just man made in God’s image and not just woman made in God’s image, both were made in God’s image. Neither sex is exalted or depreciated. Both are special and valued because both were made in the image of God. What God had here was a balance of value for each sex. Though different in many ways both were loved by God in the same way. Why? Because both male and female were created by Him in His likeness. It’s just like a mother with two children. Because they both came from that mother, she showers both with the same kind of love. That’s just how God is and that’s how He wants us to view equality.



True equality is not being better than a man. It’s knowing that I, as a woman, have equal value as a man. I am just as special as man in God’s eyes. Yes, we can do some things that a man can but it’s not true equality to use those same abilities to knock men down lower than us. Same goes for men. Men shouldn’t use their abilities to show superiority too.



So when we talk about equality, ladies, let’s make sure that we are showing how there is a balance between man and woman. Let’s prove to the world that we share the same value as men and not that we can do thing better than man. Show the likeness of God that we both share throughout your day today and walk knowing that God values you just as much as man.



Hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of the “From Girl to Woman” series. Comment below and tell me what you think or add on to what was given. I would love to hear what you got out of it!



Don’t miss out on next week’s post, Part 2: Creation. It’s going to be a good one so be ready.

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