From Girl To Woman.

It has been about three to four, maybe even more, months since I have posted on my blog about anything. I have taken a long break from not necessarily writing but just posting. I promise you that I have not given up on my passion. I have millions of ideas, topics, etc. Half of the time, I will write out something but it will never get posted. I will just leave it in my drafts to work on it a little more here and there every few days until it becomes worthy to be posted. I always come up with amazing ideas but never want to just put ANYTHING out there. If I am going to post something I am going to…… #1 give you the best I can possibly give you with effort and content put into it and #2 keep it real or “spicy” with you (give you myself). I want to be sure it’s never missing both of those qualities.

These few months have been life changing for me. I have really been experiencing things that I believe deep down in my soul have matured me and developed my growth, physically and spiritually. It has really been a journey for me and a growing experience. For a long time, I have been seeking God about many things, one of them being getting me ready for my future as it pertains to me as an individual, a woman.

As a little girl, it is natural for us (females) to dream of one day being a wife and a mommy. Yeah, we have those goals of being a doctor or a fashion designer but nothing beats getting married one day and starting a family. I believe it is just in us to want to start a family and bring life into the world. Of course, I want that too and I think about it all the time. After seeing the acts of the females in my generation and how much they are drifting, it makes me crave something more than just wanting to be a wife or a mother. Before I start asking God to bless me to be a wife or a mother, I want to make sure before anything that He blesses me to become a great………… woman.

If you think about it, you can be a wife but not a great woman. You can be a mom but not a great woman. You can be a doctor, that fashion designer, a great world-wide figure, but not a great woman. Most of the wives and mothers today are still girls. They have no idea how to be a woman. Why? Because the role models that they have around them are not women themselves. I do not want to marry the man of my dreams and not be the woman he needs me to be. I do not want to give birth to a beautiful baby girl and not be the woman I want her to grow up to be. I do not want my future son to grow up and not see in me a woman he should pursue. So during this break of mine, I have been on my knees asking God to simply take me from girl to woman before He takes me to anything else.

God has truly been working I must say. So far, I have learned so much about being a woman that it’s becoming overwhelming at times. I believe God is creating something hear that He wants me to share and that’s why all my other ideas and topics for this blog has not been working out. There is something in this that not only did I need to grasp but someone else needed too which is why I am starting this series. I’m calling this series From Girl to Woman.

I am going to slowly, day by day, give you what God has shown me about being a woman. Not only will you be benefiting from it but I am still in the process of learning too which means Tessa doesn’t have it all together. I’m learning right along with you as the Lord uses me. We are on this journey together to grow and to mature. So join me and stay tuned for the first lesson God shows us about being a woman.

Tessa Spice!


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