Tessa’s 6 Home Period Remedies!!

Hello everyone! I’m back! Yes, I have been absent for quite some time and in a later post you will get an explanation why I have been gone for some time. I have really missed writing and keeping up with the blogging world so I think its time for me to get back.

Another reason why I decided to start back is because writing is kind of relaxing and therapeutic for me, especially during this “time of the month“.



Yep, that’s right! It’s that time of month for me that I dread so much and so often. That time that every woman has to prepare for like getting prepared to go to war. Yes, my dear friends, Tessa is on her…….period.

Last month when I was “baking cookies” I was at work bent over like I just threw my back out and one of my coworkers asked me was I feeling alright. I simply said, “I’m just being a woman this month.” She laughed and said, “Oh, I know the feeling. I have some meds in my purse if you need some.” I replied, “I don’t take meds for my period.” I literally wish I could have pulled out a camera and taken a picture of the look she gave me. Just by her facial expression I could read that’s so dumb clear as day. I didn’t proceed to tell her my reason behind it. I just turned and waddled back to the cash register.



I know what you are thinking, Why not just take meds and be done, Tessa? Honestly, I don’t take meds simply because meds are just a temporary numbness when I really crave lifetime of numbness during my “Bloody Confirmation“. When I take a Advil or Pamprin, yes the pain stops but once it comes back I’m angry and irritated because my craving was not satisfied. Plus, I’m not too fond of just putting anything in my body whether it’s a pill or any other chemical for that matter.



So what is it that I do throughout my “Oh So Scary Bloody Mary“?



Home/natural remedies


Now comes the point of this whole entire post! Here are ways I go about handling “The Great Red Sea“..

  1. Drink Tea

    Ok, so if you read my previous post you should know by now that I am an avid hot tea drinker. I normally drink it just to drink it but hot tea never tasted better than during “Your Opened Floodgates Time“. The heat from the tea relaxes your muscles to make the “flow” of your “funky river” more of a “lighter load” and this prevents clots so you wont feel like you are getting stabbed by a fork every five minutes. The best time is right before you take a nap or before you go to bed. It will last the whole night or nap time depending on how much you drink. Trust me, those muscles feel a lot better once you drink it! Plus, the herbs from the tea (depending on what flavor you get of course) helps with hormones and the pH balance!

  2. Heating Pad

    If you don’t have a heating pad, I don’t see how you get through the night when you don’t have tea. Lol. Laying the pad on your stomach or lower back will relax those muscles just like the tea. Depending on the type of heating pad you get determines how effective it will be. There is “plug-in” and the “heat it up” pads. I recommend the plug in because they can stay heated throughout the night. Although they are pretty pricey, it is worth the investment! They usually last for some time. I have had mine for about 4 years now.

  3. Stay away from sugar and fried food

    Maybe this is just me but every time I’m on my “Murder Scene” I always crave sweets and fried food. Then when I do eat it I will immediately start breaking out and the pimples make their debut. I’ve trained myself to eat veggies and baked food and steer clear of junk food so that my face stay pimple free!

  4. Drink Water

    I HATE DRINKING WATER! I hate it so much but when I tell you that water saves lives…………. I mean water saves lives! It may be different for others but when I drink water it delivers me from that “funky donkey” smell you get during your “Chunky Dump Time“.  Also it helps with heavy flow. It makes it lighter so you won’t have to buy heavy duty pamper friends at the store.

  5. Move That Body

    Now I always try to come up with an excuse to no do this one. It’s natural for us ladies to just bum it out when you feel those “death knots” and we just don’t wanna move an inch. I have recently discovered that when I move or exercise of some sort the pain goes away. Either that or I forget that I was in pain anyway but we are going to go with the first fact. lol.

  6. Hugs and Cuddles

    I don’t know about you all but sometimes when my emotions are out of wack I just need a hug. Then there are those times you just want somebody to hold you and just let you be your emotional female self. That’s where Terrell comes in (Yall should have already known his name was going to eventually pop up lol). If you need a good hug, Terrell is the best at them (but don’t be asking my man for hugs!!!!). Sometimes I just need Terrell’s affection and the best part is he doesn’t question my mixed emotions. He just let me be the bipolar little itty bitty girlfriend that I am at the time. With all that being said, get you a Terrell. Ha!



There you have it! 6 home remedies for my “DOT” ! I hope you enjoyed. What are some remedies that you do for your “Thunder Down Under“? Oh, and let me know some code names that you use for yours! Thanks for reading!

Tessa Spice!



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