COMFORT VS. STYLE! Hmmm. (Piney & Co.)

If you have been keeping up with my 30 Day Writing Challenge (which I have been slacking on but I am starting back this week…oops), you probably have already read challenge number one which was “List 10 things that make you really happy“. If you haven’t you should read #30DWC Day 1: Happiness before reading any more of this post.

After reading that post you now know a few things that make me happy! YAY! However, there is one thing on that list that I want to elaborate more on. I would like to dwell on #7 a little more.

Of course after reading it you know that warm, fuzzy blankets and soft, cuddly stuffed animals feels me with comfort, but there is something else that brings me comfort as well.

The About tab on the menu of my blog site probably gets the least amount of love but if you ever by chance click on it and actually READ IT, I talk about myself. One of those interesting facts about me is that I’m a “full-time” believer. Yup, I’m a devoted and dedicated Christian. I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy and I constantly find myself on my knees trying to get things right. One thing that comes along with being a Christian that I have been working on is the proper attire.

I’m Pentecostal/Apostolic so with that comes guidelines on what clothes I should wear as a woman that is modest and humbling. Part of the guidelines were NO PANTS!

Boy was this a hard thing for little ole Tessa!

Again, one thing that makes Tessa happy is COMFORT so of course there are certain clothes in the world that I feel comfortable in. With this part of happiness and knowing that NO PANTS was part of the “Christian Guidelines“, it was a difficult process for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am energetic, out-going, and adventurous. Plus I live in the south so mix “energy and adventurous” with “country roots” and you get “a handful“. It was hard being me and having to wear skirts everyday. I mean, c’mon, I liked climbing trees for instance. You get irritated trying to show your friends you were part monkey and at the same time keep in the back of your mind “Billy” isn’t suppose to see your underwear. It was difficult not to resort to overalls!

As a kid, resorting back to pants wasn’t that much trouble because I wasn’t old enough to truly understand why I was wearing skirt all the time in the first place. Once I got older and really got into church and desired to develop my own style, that’s when problems started evolving. As much as I wanted to wear pants to feel comfortable, dresses and skirts made a statement and kept me out of the norm which was #9 of my happiness list. After going through so much trial and error, I finally came to this conclusion….

I can have the best of both worlds by meeting in the middle…

BUT WAIT, TESSA! How can you possibly meet in the middle?

Well, as I thought about it the answer became quite simple. Where and when can you find the most comfort? At home right? Where are you most likely going to be seen the most? Outside of home right? There it is! This is what I did. It was only when I felt my most comfortable which was at home and nobody was around that I wore pants. Then, as soon as I had to go somewhere and be seen I would wear my style, dresses and skirts. Even though I wasn’t always comfortable in dresses and skirts, it didn’t matter to me because as soon as I got home I could snuggle up in some cute cotton pants and relax the rest of the day or climb the tree in the back yard without being judged. Ha!

Not to long ago, I actually found a company that actually sells the comfortable pants that I like to wear around the house! The name of this company is called Piney & Co..

As you can see above, Piney & Co. is a pants company that cater to your comfort and style needs. Not only do they center around you feeling good in those pants but they are also body acceptance advocates. They want you to feel good in your body too which is why they make the pants able to transform as a woman’s body transform. You are set for fitness phases and belly bump days!

When I found this company and heard the story, I HAD to get me a pair because I’m all about feeling good, especially in my own skin. I can walk around my home comfortably and not look like a bum even though no one will see. Ha! I’d just rather not feel like or look like a bum to myself!


Of  course I reached out after learning about them and got some deals for you peeps! I didn’t wanna leave the fam hanging. There are three pairs out right now for $34 each. I know, I know, pretty steep for a pair pants. I thought the same thing to be honest but the price is so worth it! You can wear them day or night, they are baby bump friendly, they have soft breathable fabric, a drawstring waistband, elastic ankle band, and…wait for it…. HIDDEN POCKETS! I don’t know about you but pockets is a must for me! They will last for so long which is why I only bought one pair! Lol.

If that didn’t help, I have arranged where if you sign up the day you purchase you can get your first pair for 10% off! And not only that but you will also get FREE SHIPPING! Yes, I know. You love me!

Click this link to get your pair now!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Want more insight? Follow Piney & Co. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!! Also follow the #LoveWhatYouGot Blog also!

Thank you for reading and supporting! Your love means the most.

Leave any questions or comment below, especially on what post you will like to see next!

Tessa Spice




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