#30DWC Day 8: My Mood Room

We are back with the next day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! Today’s challenge is “Share something you struggle with“. Oh boy, here we go. I never thought I would ever talk about this but you know Tessa is always going to keep it SPICY with you. I’m going to be truly real with everything.

So let’s jump right into this thing!

Share something you struggle with:

There was a time last year where I was really stressing and going through. It was like if it wasn’t one thing, it was another. One thing came up one day to pull my hair out and then the next day it was another thing that popped up. I was on the verge of screaming and punching. Yes, that’s how stressed out I was!

What I didn’t realize as I was going through my stressful period is that my room suffered as well. I began to forget where things were placed. As I looked for one thing, I threw other things around to find it. I was too stressed out to clean or get back organized. I just didn’t have the time or I spent the time I could have cleaned and organized to sleep so I could calm my nerves.

One day my Pops came into my room and looked at it and said, “Why does your room always look like it’s been through the storm and rain?”. I, without thinking about what I was saying, replied, “Because my life is going through the storm and rain.” I shocked myself when I said it because when I thought about it my room ACTUALLY DOES resembles my life at that moment.

When I am upset or stressed out, my room looks exactly like it is upset and stressed out if it had emotions. Give me a few days and my floor will look like it pulled it’s hair out too. Then, when I’m happy and having a good week my room will stay clean and I will not go to sleep without my room being spotless. I will take that extra effort to make sure that nothing is on my floor or on my bed before I finally close my eyes for the night.

Realizing this, I guess you would say I struggle with attaching my room with my emotions (if that makes sense). You could probably say that I have a “mood room“. You know how they have “mood rings” and it changes according to your supposedly “mood”? Yeah, I have that same thing going on but it’s not good.

I generally am a very organized and neat person but I can’t seem to keep from attaching my feelings to my room. It’s hard for to keep a continuous clean room when I am having mixed feelings.  I need to just keep my room “happy” even when I am feeling anything other than happy. It’s definitely something I am working on.

Now I need some help with this. If you have any suggestions on how to fix my struggle leave a comment below. I could really use help.

Want to know what challenge is next? Click the link below:


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