#30DWC Day 7: Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do

Guess what…. I’m back! Who’s ready for another 30 Day Writing Challenge? I’m ecstatic about today’s challenge because I have been taking a break because I’ve been sick and this one helped me stay calm throughout my illness.

Haven’t  guessed yet? Why it’s MUSIC of course! Today’s challenge is “List 10 songs you are loving right now“. And let me tell ya… I’m loving a lot of them! This week that I have been missing I have done nothing but tried to get better and listening to music was a big help.

Now when it comes to music, I like all genres. I range from gospel, classical, pop, rock, rap, jazz, musical, and so on but the one thing that catches my attention when it comes to all these genres to make me love a song so much is “lyrical meaning“. I’m a sucker for really unique lyrics especially if it’s spiritual (talking about Jesus). I’m not listening to it if it has just a bunch of cussing and is all about sex. If a song has a good meaning and gets me stirred up, you won me!

Lately, many of the songs I have fallen in love with have been ones that relate to my life in many different ways. I’m going to share my top 10! Enjoy!

List 10 songs you are loving right now:

  • First Heartbreak by Tori Kelly

    My favorite singer in the whole entire world! You need a good love song to express to someone special how much you love them? This is it! (This is my song dedicated to Terrell lol…I think he gets sick of me playing it for him)

  • Keep You Around by Rhema Soul

    For my fellas out there in the world who needs a nice way to express their feelings to a girl you are into. This one is for you! Now I’m a female and I vibe to this song excessively so if I love it I’m sure that special girl will love it. I’m waiting on Terrell to perform this song for me *fingers crossed*

  • Perfect Love Song by Anita Wilson

    I know, I know. Tessa, we are sick of the love songs! Get out your feelings! But wait…if I’m going to have a love song for a girl and a love song for a boy, of course I’m going to have a love song for the One who showed me what true love is and where is came from. What I love about this song is that it’s a love song that clarifies what true love really is…JESUS!

  • Just For Me by Donnie McClurkin

    While, I’m on the topic of Jesus. This song is my favorite song to remind me why I’m a Jesus freak in the first place. This explains exactly why I chose this life! The lyrics tell it all!

  • I’m Gone Away  by Walter Hawkins

    Alright, I have a question. Is it bad that I already have my funeral song picked out? I just want everyone to know that if I just happen to pass one day this is the song I want everyone to sing at my funeral. It’s a happy song about going away! It’s going to be a celebration! Not a sad story!

  • U N I V E R S E by Spzrkt

    Now my favorite genre of music is Christian rap/hip hop. Many artists that are apart of this genre have some of the most dope lyrics. If you take the time to listen, some of the lyrics just hit you right in the heart. Spzrkt does that with most of his songs. This song in particular is one of my favorite mainly because he explains that God doesn’t just mean the WORLD to him but the UNIVERSE. It is a much deeper expression of love.

  • Backyard by Ty Brasel

    This song is another one that hits home. He makes it more personal and I think that’s what I like so much about it.

  • End of Summer by Charles Goose

    I absolutely love Charles Goose. This song by him is probably my all time favorite of his songs. It’s fun and you know I’m a fun person. I knew the lyrics to this songs after hearing it like three times. That’s how much I love it. (Oh yeah, and it talks about food at the end)

  • Trusay by Spec

    Ok, I’m not going to lie. I only like this song because I like hearing Terrell attempt to perform it. Pure entertainment…….enough said!

  • Off The Record by Brvndon P

    When you make a come back, THIS is how you do it. You stay real, you put it all on the table, and you drop the mic! And that’s why I love this track! He did just that….. He killed it. Well done, well done!


Hope you enjoyed learning my music taste and the few songs I love. Feel free to listen to them and get the full effect lol. Comment below some songs that you enjoy. I can add them to my long list of songs. Click the link below for the list of challenges.


Have a blessed day!

Tessa Spice


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