Hair Share pt. 3: Summer Routine

Ok, I know what you are thinking… “Why did it take so long for this post, Tessa?”
I had a busy week and I didn’t want to give you just anything! I want to give you my all. I know that’s no excuse….. but here it is! The next part of myHair Share series.
Since I already gave you my history and the products I use, now I am going to give you my first routine for how I use those products. This particular routine I will be talking about is strictly what I do for the summer. When doing my routine I have to keep in mind what season it is because in the winter I’m more vulnerable to sickness and allergies so I can’t just have my hair wet when I go outside. This means I can’t do “wash n go“s during the winter. I hate being sick so I do everything I can to keep from getting sick.
Well let me stop rambling on and let’s just get into it!

Summer Hair Care Routine:

So looking at this as though my hair is dirty and it’s time for me to wash it….

1. Scratch my scalp

Now before I wash my hair, I like to scratch my scalp with a comb. I have dandruff when my hair is dry or dirty so by scratching my scalp it makes it easier to clean my scalp. Usually this will take about 10 minutes if I take the time to part my hair and do it. I wear an old t-shirt because dandruff can be hard to get out of a shirt you cherish (I’ve been through many).

2. Take a shower and wash hair first

When I’m ready to thoroughly wash my hair, I usually take a shower (other times I’m taking a bubble bath of course). This way I can do two things at one time, wash my hair and cleanse myself. I always wash my hair first (I’ll explain why in a minute).
With washing my hair I will lather and rinse twice with my shampoo! The first time its just to get my hair to recognize what is getting ready to happen (at least that is what goes through my hair). It’s like “Ok hair we are getting ready to be clean so let’s get warmed up.” That kinda thing! Then the second time I go in with cleaning it. I scrub for about 5 minutes making sure I got every spot and strand.
After washing, I will condition my hair using about two palms of my conditioner (you don’t have to overload your hair with conditioner to get the results you want). This is why I wash my hair first because while the conditioner sets I cleanse myself and get my body clean. Once I’m done cleansing my body, I rinse the conditioner out of my hair, get out of the shower, and wrap my hair in my towel. I DO NOT towel dry my hair. I just wrap it up.

3. Leave In Conditioner

While my hair is damp, I put in my leave in conditioner. I only need one pump because it’s enough to keep my hair tamed without combing through it or picking my hair.

4. Curling Creme  (If I’m Twisting My Hair)

Once the conditioner is throughout my hair, I prep my hair to twist. Now I don’t always twist my hair. On my regular “wash n go” I will stop at leave in conditioner and go about my day finishing my hair off with a hair band or bandana. Since this is my routine with a thorough wash, I am adding my routine for twisting my hair.
Before I twist my hair, I will section off my hair in four sections and apply my curling crème to one section.

5. Twist

The section with the curling crème is the section I will twitst first. I will usually do about ten twist for each section. I will repeat these two steps for each section of my hair until my whole hair is completed.

6. Edge Control

Depending on how I’m feeling, I will slick down my edges or “baby hairs”. I don’t really think I have edges but if it seems to make it look better I will do it. After slicking them down with my edge control I will use a satin scarf to wrap around my edges to keep them down.

7. Bonnet Time!

I think we can all guess this part. Yup, I wear a bonnet to protect my twists. By the morning it usually ends up coming off but I just wear it to make me feel better about my hair lol.


When I get up to get ready, I will take my twist out and my curls are more defined and tamed. I can also see the growth of my hair more also.

Well, this is my summer routine for my hair. I know it is not as elaborate as most but this is what works for my hair. I hope you enjoyed what I put together and sorry it took so long for me to have it up. Leave a comment of any questions or suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

Tessa Spice



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