#30DWC Day 6: The Heart Game

Alright everyone it’s time for Day 6 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! I think I am really enjoying this a little too much now (ok Tessa…you say that in every post you put up for this challenge). Today’s challenge is “Five ways to win your heart“.

Ok, don’t get too happy all you single fellas (which I doubt are following me). Nobody can win my heart because it’s already won. By whom you ask?

JESUS! (Terrell who? lol)

So Imma just go about today’s challenge as IF MY HEART WASNT ALREADY WON!

Let’s get it!

Five ways to win your heart:

  1. I think everyone knows the first way to win my heart. Yup, that’s right! You must love Jesus just as much as I do. My whole life is Jesus so if your whole life isn’t the same you should not even look my way. You might as well swallow your key of chances. I don’t think I have to elaborate more on this…. I think you get the point.
  2. One thing I love about my boyfriend is that even when he is not trying to make me laugh, he makes me laugh. I always find myself giggling because of something he randomly said or did. Laughter makes me feel better as you learn from my “Happiness” post. I love when someone can make me laugh all the time. Nobody likes boring people (I mean unless you are just fond of boring then by all means center yourself among the best of boring people)
  3. If I am comfortable around you, I will talk your ear off. Because I talk all the time when I am around people I know, I need good listeners. Not only does this show you care about what I have to say but also teaches and shows me how to be a good listener. You wanting to listen to me makes me want to listen to you. I know that sounds weird but hey….since when has my life NOT been weird?!!
  4. There are many people in the world that just can’t take harsh criticism. It bothers some people. But to me it’s another way to improve myself. Terrell does this so much without knowing it. We can be walking and talking and he will say something that he doesn’t do but I do or vise versa. It’s just to make conversation but I take that an analyze myself and try to fix it to make an improvement. I guess you would call this “nonverbal” criticism. I can take the criticism… I want it because it just improves me.
  5. Maybe I should have made this number one because this is the biggest one! I LOVE SUPPORT! Anything I do I need support because if not I will talk myself out of everything eventually (talking about chasing dreams). Having support motivates me to keep achieving my goals and dreams. I think Terrell has this in the bag. He supports my in more areas than just my dreams. One of my favorite things he supports is my eating habits (they aren’t really good…lol). I can eat freely around Terrell without feeling guilty! Of course he supports my writing or his name wouldn’t be in almost every post (yup, still not ashamed…he will be in the next 400 if I choose to put him in the next 400). He is probably reading this now (HEY TERRELL! ME LOVES ME SOME HIM!)!

There is so much more that goes into winning my heart, but like I said earlier my heart is already won. I’m not in the running anymore! Keep your lame jokes and pick up lines to yourself. I already have a whack winner!

I hope enjoyed todays challenge. I know it was posted a little late. Trying to get over a little cold I have. This Mississippi weather is a mess!

If you would like to know what’s up with all this, click the link to view the very first post with a list of all the challenges!



Tessa Spice


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