#30DWC Day 5: Let’s Go Here, Here, and Here!

It’s Day 5 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! YES! I don’t think you guys understand how much I am enjoying doing this challenge. Not only is it helping my writing style but it is also improving my self-discipline but I’ll give my review at the end of the challenge. Today’s challenge is… “List 5 places you want to visit.”

Let’s do this thing!

List 5 places you want to visit:


    If there is one place I could go, the one at the top of my bucket list would be Greece. I have seen many picture of it’s beauty and it just seems so relaxing and breathtaking. I also have seen some movies where the setting was in Greece and it just made me crave it more. I want to learn everything about it from it’s history to it’s popular spots. I even want to learn the people and the language. I’m so interested in this place! I pray one day I will have the opportunity to visit and enjoy it.


    Ok, who DOESN’T want to visit California once in their life? Raise your hand if you don’t and if you did raise your hand I wouldn’t know so it doesn’t really matter (harsh Tessa!). There are so many opportunities in Cali. I guess the only reason I would want to go is to network and branch out my blog a little more. It’s not like I would want to shop at the huge stores or anything like that (HA!).


    There is one reason and one person for why I want to go to Canada…… Latoya Forever! She is one of my favorite YouTubers! If I ever go to Canada please escort me straight to her. That’s the only reason I will step foot into Canada. Other than that, Canada is not really a bucket list of mine!

  4. TEXAS

    I know what you are thinking, “Tessa, you live in the South and never visited Texas?” Yeah, I have never been to Texas and I never really been interested in going there until Terrell told me his big plan of moving there after he graduates (*inserts side eye emoji*). Of course if he moves there, I am not too far behind because I refuse to be that far away from him. I already have a hard time when he goes back home for breaks which is three hours away just about. So I just think it would be good to visit what I’m about to get myself into. Isn’t that pretty smart? To visit first? Any Texans out there holla at ya girl lol!


    Food! Yeah I said it! I only want to go here because of the food. On YouTube (As you can see I’m on there a lot) I am subscribe to many Trinidadian YouTubers. Why? Because I like to see them cook their cultural foods. That stuff looks amazing! Then when they eat (yes, I watch how they eat) they savor every little bit. They don’t be cute with it too which is a onus for me because eating cute is hard! I’ve tried it on my first date with Terrell….DEAD! Never doing that again. Love me eating like I haven’t ate in 30 days or leave me. He chose to love me so I guess I can take him on this trip with me to Trinidad lol!




I know my five places aren’t as fancy and common but hey…..when you been only in three places all your life it be like that sometimes. Maybe one day I’ll be able to travel the world with Terrell holding my hand enjoying it with me (I mean who wants to enjoy traveling alone? I don’t).

Where are some places you have been? Leave a comment below letting me know! I might just add that place to my list.

Want to know what all this is for? Click the link below to find out and view the list!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tessa Spice


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