#30DWC Day 4: He Inspires Me!

Today is the fourth day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge and the topics just get more and more exciting each day! Today’s topic is “Write about someone who inspires you.”

Here we go!

Write about someone who inspires you:

The person who inspires me would be my father. I know this isn’t really shocking because I mean he is my dad. It’s natural for some people to choose their dad as their inspiration. It’s more shocking to me personally because not only is my dad my parent but he is also my Pastor, so I am thinking in more of a “saint” perspective too. I guess it would have been better if I had said, “The first person who inspires me would be my PASTOR.”

Being a pastor’s daughter you get insight on things that others don’t. You have more opportunity to get wisdom because you are around him more than others. Every time I seek wisdom from my Pastor, it just motivates me to want to have the same kind of wisdom and see the scriptures like he does. He uncovers facts about the Bible that I would never even think about. I always look at a situation one way and he always has a whole different perspective and it always blows my mind. The best part about being his daughter is that I can get secrets to this magic! I analyze everything he does because everything he does inspires me to pursue that same relationship with God. I wish I could explain it way more better than I am.

I don’t know exactly what plans God has for my life but, I always thought about what if God called my to be a Pastor like my dad. Would I be as willing as my dad? Would I be to handle the pressure like he can? Will I be anything like him? There are times when I feel like I want to be just like my dad but then there’s other times when I’m afraid and think I am inadequate. I talked to him about it but every time he always remind me that I have to be CALLED to preach and be a pastor. I can’t just decide. With him saying that, it inspired me to search more on what God has for me. What does He want me to do?

I also think that my Pastor doesn’t just inspires me but everyone he has impacted. He has touched many people and helped many people. I’m sure I am not the only one who finds him as an inspiration. That’s another thing he inspires me to do, be an inspiration to someone just like he is for me.

I’m glad that I have a Pastor as a dad. Everyday is inspiring with him. I couldn’t thank God enough for thinking I deserved such a father!

There you have it! The person who inspires me…

Who inspires you? Leave it in the comments below and let me know.
Want to know what all of this is about? Click this link to find out and view the list!


Thanks for reading!

Tessa Spice




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