#30DWC Day 3: That’s A Peeve?

Welcome back! It’s Day 3 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! Today’s topic is “What are your top three pet peeves?

This is probably going to be fun and interesting because I could either be normal by the end of this or I could be a total weirdo. I don’t know though because I haven’t met anyone else in the world with the same pet peeves.

I know….. SHUT UP TESSA AND LET’S HEAR IT! Here we go..

What are your top 3 pet peeves:

  1. Being coldI am small and I am quite thin just like my father. I don’t have much meat to keep me warm so I get cold very easily. Maybe that factors in to why I hate being cold so much. Like I said before in my post about what brings me happiness, comfort brings me happiness. Being cold does NOT make me comfortable! Some people my size who are very thin and get cold easily can stand it and deal with it, me on the other hand….. I REFUSE to deal with it.
    I will not go to sleep being cold, eat being cold, or move being cold! There was one year where it was February and it actually snowed in Mississippi. Ask me did I go outside anytime that day…..NOPE. I stayed in the house with the heat up to Jamaica degrees! I even called my job and told them I just couldn’t risk it (I did not lose my job of course). TESSA IS NOT HAVING IT!This is how bad it gets….Terrell asked me one day what if he gets a job up north and we get married. You wanna know what my response was? I simply said, “Have fun up there! Ill miss you!” Of course I was kidding. I would go if we had to but I wouldn’t be a happy camper about it. It’s going to be an upset Tessa on the way there.
  2. Being ashy/People being ashyI know this sound pretty funny and crazy but I have this thing where it completely irritates me to be ashy or see someone else ashy.ALL MY MELANIN PEOPLE RAISE YOUR HAND!You know good and well ash is a big thing for us, right? You know it’s obvious when we are ashy. We can’t hide those big white chalk marks left behind on our legs when we scratch our legs! We more than anyone else have to stay moisturized. I mean there are some people that don’t mind maybe because they are home all day so it doesn’t matter (Terrell… *cough cough*) or your clothes might cover it so it doesn’t matter, it wont be seen.In my case, it matters! I dislike the feeling or the appearance of it. I gag and cringe at the sight of cracked skin or white marks. I just about have an anxiety attack and throw up. It’s such a pet peeve that I have to carry lotion with me everywhere I go. When I take a bath (because you know I love those), I have to immediately cover myself in baby oil, petroleum jelly, and scented lotion as soon as I get out. THIS IS NOT A GAME! I have to slide lol!

    I believe it has gotten worse because now I have to lotion other people. If I see someone I know and they are ashy, I have to give them lotion or at least tell them. I have to look out for the people I love! I can’t just let you walk around with the possibility of a fire starting. I have to save you.

    Yes, it’s THAT dramatic and serious!

  3. I am not funny!For once in my life I just want to be funny because I TRIED to be funny or I said a funny joke. I want to make a pun on purpose and someone laughs……but no. It absolutely irritates me. I completely do nothing or at least not try to do something and someone comments, “You are so funny!” or “Girl, you are hilarious” or they just giggle.I usually get acknowledgement for my accidental sarcasm or my unexpected innuendos. I don’t usually try with those. I just say what was on my mind at the time. You can laugh at those but you can’t laugh at my jokes or catch phrases that I use at the right place?FOR GET YALL! ILL JUST LAUGH AT MY OWN JOKES!

So those are my top three pet peeves. I’m not sure if anyone else has the same ones that I do but yeah…. I hope I am completely normal and not weird. If you have the same pet peeves, comment down below and let me know that I’m not the only one in the world. Have any other pet peeves? Let me know.

Want to know the purpose for this post? Click the link below for the list!


Hope you enjoyed reading!

Tessa Spice


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