#30DWC Day 2: Shannen’s Comment

It is Day 2 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge! Yay me for actually staying on task and posting when I am suppose to or said I was going to! Today’s challenge is “Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I had the perfect story for this one…

Something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot:

I was not always a well-behaved and sanctified girl during my teenage years growing up. I was always trying to find ways to get out of my parents protection and authority. Around the age of 16 that is when it was at it’s peak. I would sneak out of the house and go places I wasn’t suppose to, I tried skipping school a few times, and I even did illegal stuff that nobody knew about (which I am not going to mention on here because I don’t know if my parents actually reads my blog lol).

By the time I got to college, things got way worse. I started hanging around the wrong crowd even though I had others who were looking out for me telling me it wasn’t a good idea. I ended up experiencing things that I KNEW that wasn’t right to do. For instance, there was never a weekend that I didn’t want to go partying. I loved it that much! The night life was my thing! I also was drinking a lot around that time as well (I was under age which was worse). There was a bunch of things I tried during college. I was so immature back then that now I look back and just cringe!

When I came home for the holidays or the summer, I had to work which I hated because I didn’t think I needed to get a job while in college (I was clueless about college when I went by the way). My first job was Applebee’s. I got hired on my birthday.

While I worked at Applebee’s, I brought my rebellion to work. By this time my parents knew I was out of control and tried to help me but I thought I was good. So in my head I thought, “Why try to hide it at work?” I did all kinds of cussing, drinking, arguing, and sneaking at my job. I was completely crazy!

After awhile I had to go back to school and eventually I ended up moving back home because of a situation I was in. I worked another job when I came home and I started to see that this life is no joke at all. I realized how hard being an adult was and if I wanted to survive I had to get myself together mentally and spiritually. Spiritually because that’s just how I am raised. Spirituality brings a level of maturity depending on how you view it.

Some time went by and I eventually asked for my job at Applebee’s back. I worked like usual but with a more temperance and self-controlled manner about it.

I didn’t know that someone was watching me this whole entire time though…

One of the girls that worked at Applebee’s longer than I, Shannen, said something to me one day on one of our laid back days at work that shook my mind that I will never forget. She said, ” I have noticed that you have gotten so much better than when you first started. You have changed so much. That’s really good.”

I know that it’s probably nothing special what she said, but it meant so much to me. Her words gave me confirmation that I wanted. I wanted to know did I mature yet like I was trying to. I needed a way to know that what I was doing was the right thing. Shannen’s words motivated me. They were Heaven sent! That’s why every time I see her I have an urge to hug her and speak to catch up. Sometimes I don’t depending on where we are at the time. That’s my way of low key thanking her for helping me and encouraging me to be the Tessa I am today.

Now I don’t know if Shannen will ever see this post, but if she does I just want her to know how grateful I am for her and how her few words impact my life everyday. It’s amazing how God works sometimes and the people He will use.

Well, that all I have for today until tomorrow! Stay tune for Day 3!

If you want to know what I am talking abut or view the list of challenges, click here!


Thanks for reading!

Tessa Spice


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