This is the first post for my 30 Day Writing Challenge! I am very excited because I love to write and I love a challenge. Day 1’s challenge is “10 things that make you really happy”.

I’m not going to go on and on so let’s jump right into it shall we!

10 Things That Make You Really Happy:

  1. Jesus/Living A Holy Lifestyle

    I think it is very obvious that Jesus Christ is a big priority in my life. I try my hardest to keep Him in every aspect of my life as possible. Some people think that just because I am the Pastor’s daughter that I am forced to do things a certain way or that I have a strict amount of rules that I live by. That may be true for some PKs but for me that is not the case. I live this lifestyle because I CHOOSE to live it this way. I honestly have tried being a rebel and it just doesn’t bring me happiness like being what I truly am, a church girl. I can’t be something that I am not and church and holiness is who I am. It was rough getting to this point and realizing this but now that I am here I am truly the happiest.

  2. Writing

    Nobody really knows this besides my boyfriend and that’s only because I open up to him all the time but I absolutely love to write. Writing brings out the part of me that I want to bring out and let everyone see. Sometimes I seem to do better expressing my thoughts by writing them than saying them. I think that’s why I do so much investing in blogging because I can be myself.

    Now let me clarify….I’m not a novelist. I can’t write a novel or a short story in my opinion. I always read it back to myself and think I sound extremely corny. Tell me to write an article, I got you. If I can write it as me, I am down to do it. I love expressing my thoughts and opinions on paper. I think that’s why in my lifetime I have completed about 20 journals. I have to write in order to stay awake at church. I need a pen and paper to write down reminders. I have to write in order to keep myself going and not to freak out. If I see it in words I feel better about it. I’ll believe it.

    Writing brings me joy!


  3. Dance

    I truly resent not taking dance classes as soon as I knew how to walk. I know I had no control of it at the time but I truly don’t know why my mother didn’t think to sign me up I completely love it! Of course there were rare occasions where I danced at church but just think how more my passion would have grown.Dancing takes me to another world. It challenges me and at the same time soothes me. If I could dance all day and all night I would! It doesn’t matter what type, I am willing to learn and grow. I could go on and on about it but I’ll spare you until a later post.

  4. My Relationship 

    I bet this one was pretty obvious considering Terrell is all I ever talk about. There is not one post without Terrell’s name unless I am really trying to control myself. Every conversation I have with someone Ill bring him up some way or somehow. Some people don’t mind but then there are other times where I get the occasional “You sure do talk about Terrell a lot” or “Tessa, say Terrell’s name one more time…” I don’t think people understand sometimes that that’s all I ever think about half the time. Terrell is just constantly on the brain! I mean obviously…. I just typed his name 5 times already.

    I have never been this happy being with someone in my life. I have dated other guys before but none has brought me as much happiness as he has. With every relationship I have been in before Terrell, I have always eventually after about a few months fell out of love with the guy. It’s been a whole year and a month and I’m STILL falling for Terrell. I STILL get butterflies when I walk into a room and he is standing afar off. My heart STILL melts every time he holds my hand. I STILL share a slice of pizza with him..

    That my friends….is true happiness in a relationship. When you can still share your favorite food with someone you love, it’s true happiness your relationship.

  5. My Friends 

    One thing you should never forget about Tessa is that she cherishes friendship. I adore my friendship with other people. I just love being around my friends whenever I can. I don’t have many but with the ones I do have I try my hardest to hold on to them. I hate being alone and being by myself. I already had to do that majority of my childhood so having friends feels that void of having no one there. My peeps brings an unexplored happiness because I never really noticed how much happiness each and everyone of them bring me. Each friend has a specific story and a specific lifestyle so learning them is like adding an extension to my life. I think that’s why losing a friend or ending a friendship hurts me so much. It’s like ending a part of my life that I probably won’t get back.

  6. Laughing 

    I know laughing shows happiness but there is something about it that just makes me feel good or better than I was. I love to laugh and smile. It just builds me up. Honestly, I pretty much laugh at everything. Even in serious moments I might giggle a little. Sometimes it comes across as rude or snooty but I only do it to make me feel better about the situation. I only laugh because it makes me feel better….point blank period. People wouldn’t understand but I guess as long as I understand that’s all that matters, right?

  7. Comfort/Security 

    There was a time in my life where I made huge mistake. My life went downhill really fast and I ended up losing myself. Maybe one day I will be able to talk about it but……anyway…. I didn’t know how to cope with what I was going through without feeling some type of comfort. I felt better and happier when I knew I was secured. There were times I would snuggle in like 4 blankets or cuddle with a few pillows just to feel that security and comfort.

    Nowadays I can’t sleep without snuggling with a stuffed animal or an extra blanket. I have snugged tightly in my sheets and comforter just be at ease. I have recently noticed that smells also comfort me. I tend to always have to have a candle lit or somehow smell a comforting aroma.I guess it’s not a bad thing.

    On the bright side, at least Terrell will have a good cuddle buddy when he marries me!

  8. Bubble Baths 

    This one probably could go hand in hand with number seven but there are times when I take bubble baths for just the fun of it and not for comfort. It’s just so relaxing and I get some good thinking done. Let’s also not forget that concerts are more entertaining and better experienced without the shower trying to back you up. The bubbles give you something to do when you just don’t feel like adulting and it’s an everyday little spa treatment. Let’s jump all touch and agree that bubble baths are the bee’s knees!

  9. Breaking the Norm 

    I don’t like trends, statistics, or opinion of society. I love living life outside the norm. I don’t want to live life how society wants me to. I can’t stand being cliché. If I can do something different or new, I will because I want to be set apart from the rest. I want to be different. I think I don’t have to elaborate too much on this much more.

  10. Food 

    I only weigh 100 pounds. I am shorter than most girls my age. I’m not very active and I usually sit around most of the day. If you were to see me out in public you would probably think I don’t eat much, yet I’m constantly eating all the time. I eat when I’m bored, concentrating, thinking, watching a movie, upset, etc. I love to eat and it is something that makes me extremely joyful. About 70% of me and Terrell’s dates involve eating. I know that sounds bad but it’s the truth. Terrell likes to eat and he knows eating makes me happy so he feeds me. Then since I like to eat and I know eating makes Terrell happy I feed him. So it’s an even trade and playing field! You have two happy, full, fat people! Amen.


There are plenty more things that bring me happiness but the top ten would have to be these.

What are some things that make you happy? Comment below and let me know. Maybe we have some things in common. If you have a post explaining it or you are doing this challenge too leave a link of your post below. I would love to read it!

Want to know what I am doing? Click here to read about it and view the list!


I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me! Stay tune for the next day!

Tessa Spice


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