Hair Share pt. 2: My Winner Products

Yes, I know. I am completely late on posting for this series. I promised you the posts so I am going to get them out to you, majority of them today and tomorrow.

This part of this series I will be showing you and telling you the products that I use on my hair. If you saw the videos on my Instagram story, I said that my hair is very sensitive. My hair doesn’t like many products. As I studied my hair to find it’s likes and dislikes, I learned that my hair grows faster when I use anything that has natural products, specifically anything with the majority being coconut. If it has heaps amount of coconut then my hair takes well to it.
I also found out that my hair also likes olive oil! Olive oil doesn’t increase my growth like coconut does but it moisturizes my hair better than coconut..

Coconut pic.pngplus-signolive-oil-pic

So with knowing this I decided to find products that has the main ingredient being coconut, olive oil, or both.

coconut-picplus-signolive-oil-picequal.pnghug emoji.png

After going through and trying out about 5 different brands, these are the ones I ended up using all the time….

For shampoo and conditioner I use Renpure Originals’ Coconut Cream. Out of all the shampoos and conditions I have used on my natural hair this brand would have to be the best. I like the way it makes my hair feels and also how it hydrates it. It takes care of dandruff as well as strengthens. After using it for about a month, I started to see an immediate change in my hair. Oh, and let’s not forget it smell soooooo good as well!

During summer, I usually “wash-n-go” more so I use a co-wash product for that. The product that I use for this is Bella Curls. I love this co-wash so much because after using it I don’t have to use a moisturizer in my hair. It locks in the moisture so that you can LITERALLY wash and go on about your day.

For extra control of my hair when I do twist outs, I also use leave-in conditioner. I like to be able to easily comb through my hair and part my hair easily. I decided to stay in the same brand and use Bella Curls (I’ll explain why in another post). As soon as I get done towel drying my hair, I go right for this product. It also doesn’t take much of the product for it to do it’s job so it saves money.

When I am ready to twist my hair t work on my curl pattern, I like to use curl defining crème. I also like to use the Bella Curls brand for this. I don’t like a sticky feeling left on my hair when I take down my twists and this products satisfies that. I NEVER have any residue or anything when using it. It’s the bomb!

Now I know you are going to ask, “Where does the olive oil come in?” Well, when I have time on my hands like hours of time, I will take the time to do a hot oil treatment. I usually do this during the winter because I hold back on my co-washing. The product I use for this is America’s BEST Originals Olive Oil Extra Virgin Oil Serum. I will let it sit in warm water for a few and then use a small amount all over my hair. It’s not too greasy and defines my curls leaving a little shine.

Of course being a natural girl, that means my edges have to be “on fleek”. The best ones I find works for me is in the same brand as the previous one and that is America’s BEST Olive Oil Edge Smoothing and Control Gel. This product lays my edges and also doesn’t feel sticky on my head. It also last long which is a plus!

Another thing I love about all these products I talked a little about is that they are also reasonable prices. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get them. Each product cost around $3-$7 each. I usually don’t spend more than more than $30 dollars for all of them. Because you don’t use much of the product to get results you save money and can last about 3 months depending on how often you use them.

If you are on a journey trying to find the right products for your hair, I highly suggest trying these products. It might not work well for everyone but for someone who has thick hair like me and struggles with keep moisturized hair I think it will work well for you. If you do try them or have already tried them, let me know your experience by commenting below.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 3!

Tessa Spice

For Part 1 click the link here:



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