Spotlight!: My Lovebirds

It’s February. Not only that but it’s the 14th of February, the day of love. ❤️

Everybody gets all excited and bubbly when this day comes. Girls are ready to see if their boyfriend has bought them everything on their wish list and the guys…… well, we all know where statistically their head is at…

For me, this day is a little different. I don’t use this day to get all googly-eyes over my significant other (I do that everyday I see him anyway lol). This day is always dedicated to the two people who fell in love and decided to make their love official! THEN AFTER A YEAR AND SOME MONTHS DECIDED TO BRING THE MOST WONDERFUL AND PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!……… ME!!! 🤗 

Yes, this special Spotlight! goes to….




Although me and my mother aren’t the tightest and the best of friends at times, I still admire her so much. She is the most hard working and efficient person I know. When I was younger, there was nothing my mama couldn’t do. Every time she was given something to do, it was done…. but overly done. If she needed to build something, expect it to be put together and painted with extra things thrown in. You need a button sewn back on your shirt? She has it done with 5 extra buttons ready for extra measure. She is an overachiever!
She also loves children. It’s like children gravitate to her. There is not one child that doesn’t love her. I guess that is why she is over the Children’s ministry at our church. I’m actually scared to have children because of this. I know my kids will NEVER want to be home! I think she knows this so that’s why she constantly talks about it or bring it up at random times.
I can honestly that my mom definitely supports me and accepts me for who I am. I’m not the perfect person in the world and I have had many bumps in my life so far. She never makes me feel like a terrible person for the bad things though. I can honestly say she is the very reason I stand strong and don’t let anything anyone says about me bother me. She might not be the best mom but she sure is the best for little ole Tessa.
Even though you will never hear me say this aloud, I love having my mother around and love her wholeheartedly too. ❤️


I promised myself I wouldn’t cry when I wrote about this one (kidding).

My father is simply my best friend. I’m not even going to lie…. I can remember when I first knew I had a great love for him. When I was around the age of 6 or 7, I went to a church service with my dad downtown where I am from. It was storming really bad hat night, even lightning. If you don’t know I am EXTREMELY afraid of lightning! I was then and I am now! We were getting ready to leave and when we got to the glass door that lead outside I was so afraid that I couldn’t even move. All I could do was stand there and cry. As I just dwelt in the emotion of fear with a red nose and drenched cheeks, I felt myself elevate to end up cuddled in my daddy’s arms with his jacket over my head so I couldn’t see. We walked out into rain and while we walked he whispered, “It’s ok. Daddy’s right here and I promise I’m not going to let anything happen to you“.
Even though that was so many years ago and I’m 21 now, I’ll never forget it. Why? Because he STILL has kept his promise. He is still right there and hasn’t let anything happen to me. That deserves an award in my book because Tessa is a handful!
I couldn’t ask for a better father. He goofs around with me, gives me wisdom, and teaches me all I need know about God. I think that having my Pastor be my father is a bonus! I get the inside scoop of the daily life of being a leader of a church.

I love my father so much that it would take a whole series of books to describe how much!



I decided to do this Spotlight! on this very day just to , in my own special way, say Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world! I love you both so much and I hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating. Tessa loves you guys from the moon and back 23,000 times again!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this Spotlight!

Sorry I couldn’t get part 2 of “Hair Share” posted today. It has been a long day and a busy one at that. I promise to have it out along with part 3 tomorrow. Have a blessed day!



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