HAIR SHARE! pt. 1: History of My Hair

Here it is finally! It’s the first post of my “Hair Share” series!

I have been so hype about this all weekend because I have really been putting in an effort to really make it personal and relatable. It has really been fun and I can’t wait for you guys to read it. So let’s just jump right into it!

As I said before on my Instagram story, everyone’s hair is different. When it comes to natural hair, we have different textures, curl patterns, thickness, colors, and so on. What maybe good for your hair may not be good for mine.

With that in mind, before I start going into detail about my hair routine and the products I use, I want to use this first post to give you a little history on my hair. If you understand my hair before all of this, you will have a better understanding of my reasoning for going natural and why I choose the hair care routine that I use.


I’m not going to go all the way back to when I was a toddler. That would just take too long. I’m going to start when I was in high school because that was around the time I was making the big decisions when it came to my hair and not my mom for me. My mother had already introduced me to perms at an early age mainly because with my hair being so thick a perm was the only way she could tame it. Because I was so use to getting perms all the time I continued the process of going to the hair salon every two weeks to get my hair permed.

This is a picture of me in high school with how I would have my hair after it was permed

The problem with this was my laziness and the cost of getting my hair done. I’ll admit… At the time I didn’t really like the idea of going to the hair salon every two weeks to sit in a chair for about three hours for someone to just make my hair straight. In my head I told myself, ” Nobody needs to look THIS pretty!”. I convinced myself that I didn’t have to go every two weeks but like once a month. Money was also a problem because the cost to get my hair permed was around $70 only because my hair was so thick and took so much perm to get straight. My mother wasn’t always willing to just hand me $70. By going to get my hair permed once a month, I could cater to my laziness AND save money (YAY! Win for Tessa, right?).

What I didn’t know was that it was hurting my hair.

Because I wasn’t knowledgeable of how this whole thing went down and didn’t care about what other people thought about my hair, I went my whole high school experienced with damaged hair. By the end of my senior year, I started noticing the damaged and did my research on hair. I spent every night watching YouTube videos and looking on Pinterest on how to get my hair back healthy. I also went back to getting my perms every two weeks which was dumb of me because I started to do these funky hairstyles while the perm was in that made my hair FALL OUT.

One of the funky hairstyles I gave myself in high school (so cringe-worthy lol)


When I finally got into college, stress started to kick in and finding myself started to get even harder so I could care less about hair at this point. Around my sophomore year of college, I cut my hair. It was cut to about my ears! It was my first bob cut and I enjoyed it but because it wasn’t professionally cut I ended up hurting my hair more.

I tried curling it all the time to make it look better but because it was so damaged it never did right. Then later on, I tried changing the color so that it wouldn’t look THAT bad.

Yeah, idk what I was thinking at this point.

Eventually, I moved back home and during my time back home I started investigating again about hair and how to make this whole thing work. I started to learn what my hair likes and dislike. I got advice from many of my friends, I talked to stylists, and I experimented with different things. I came to the conclusion that my hair doesn’t like perms and is super sensitive to certain products. I found out that my hair works better when everything is organic.

With that being said, I decided that I wanted to start over.

This is where I began to think going natural would be beneficial. At first, I was hesitant because I loved my hair! I didn’t REALLY want to cut all my hair off. Plus, I’m not the type of girl who likes to follow trends and around this time that’s when “going natural” started to become really popular. I didn’t want to see myself as a follower. Even though I didn’t care about other’s opinions, I still cared about my own (and I just started dating Terrell so I was kind of concerned about how he would take it).

Since I was kind of scared, I gradually started cutting my hair shorter and shorter.

By the time my birthday came around, I was so tired of walking around with half permed half new growth hair that I did THE BIG CHOP!

The very first picture I took after my big chop!


With completely natural hair, I had to learn how to maintain it. I researched again and figured out the best regimen for my hair (this I will go into detail in coming up posts).

Soon after using this regimen for awhile, I started to see results! After a month, my hair grew and started to form a curl pattern. By three months, I was able to start twisting my hair without it coming apart. Now I’m at about nine months and I can do fun hairstyles or wear a huge afro!

Month 1
Month 3
Month 9

I have learned so much about my hair during these few months of being natural. I think it has helped me tremendously especially with my laziness. I had to really put in the work to get it to grow and to keep it healthy. I was determined not to live with it being damaged so I MADE myself do the work. I’m actually pretty proud of myself!

That’s the short history of my hair. This is how far I have come. Just wanted you to know a little bit of my journey before I go into what my routine consists of.

Tomorrow I will be going into details about the products I use for my hair!

Thank you for reading and following me through this journey. If you have any suggestions or if you have a blog showing your journey please leave a comment and the link below. I would love to read your story!


Tessa Spice







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