Spotlight!: God-Given Sisters! 

As promised I am back with another Spotlight! Post. I am very excited about this one because I’m actually going to be including TWO people in today’s post.

You probably already know who I am talking about from my featured pic. Yes, today I am going to introduce to you MY SISTERS!

My two little sisters are Amber and Hannah! ❤️

Everybody always wonder whether Amber, Hannah, and I are biological sisters. We are not. When I was younger I was not the only child at first. I had an older brother and for awhile I had a foster brother. I never really grew up with either because my older brother was always into trouble going in an out of detention homes and my baby foster brother after a few months eventually ended up returning to his biological father. I spent majority of my childhood without siblings.

This crushed me inside. After a few years, I ended up craving siblings. I wanted a sister or brother in my life. I even prayed for at least a sister for months. I just wanted somebody to share life with.

God surely works in mysterious ways because it was not until after my childhood was over when he sent me Amber and Hannah.

Let me start with Amber, whom is the youngest. Amber is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. There is never a time she will not be there for you or check up on you. Like I said in my vintage post (link below), she is like the mama of the three of us always ready to give you her whole heart. I love having her around because when you are down or in trouble, she is there to make you feel warm again and loved (at least after she scolds you for doing wrong). I  also admire her determination spiritually. She could have so much going on and so much burden but spiritually she always carries a strong stature. For her age, that’s astonishing to me! I can’t wait to see her grow more especially when she graduates high school in May.

My next little sister, Hannah, is the dramatic and, as my boyfriend’s roommate would put it, “hype beast” of the group. She is always over the top dramatic even with her laugh. I adore her love for coffee and books mainly because I have a love for books and drinking hot tea! We tag team when it comes to plotting and gossiping (we know it’s not good… we’re working on it) which is why Amber becomes the mother. We encourage each other to keep going with that kind of stuff. Again, as I mentioned in my vintage post (link below), Hannah’s fashion sense is by far the best I have ever seen! I can actually see her going far with it.

These two girls are not only my sisters but my heart. We do everything together and talk about everything together. We hang out together, share clothes (I probably do the most borrowing since I’m the slimmest), dance together (we are all Praise Raisers), sing together, go on trips, and more. There is nothing I wanna do without my sisters. I can’t thank God enough for giving me the perfect siblings!

I love you Amber and Hannah! 😘

That is it for this Spotlight! post. My next Spotlight! Will be up Tuesday (I think you will like this next one I have in mind)!

Here is the link to my vintage post I mentioned above:

She’s An Old Soul

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

Tessa Spice ✨


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