MARCH MADNESS w/ TessaSpice!!!

Today, I decided to sit down and organize my planner for the next month. As I was writing in all my events and plans that I have for the month, I couldn’t help but get excited for what the month of March has to offer. I’m really anxious about March. There is so much I have planned to do!

So I decided to let you in on some of the things I will be getting involved in next month just in case you are in my area and would like to get involved too.

  1. First things first, as you probably already figured out, I’m apart of my church dance ministry called the Praise Raisers. For the past few years we have been growing and growing. It has been a huge impact on every girl in the group from the little bitty ones to the young adults. Next month we are scheduled many rehearsals and I’m excited to see what all we come up with. We will be getting ready for many performances we have coming up this year. If you would like more information about our group and our upcoming performances visit


  2. This next event is probably the event that I am the most excited about! Yes, IT’S WINTER JAM!!!! Winter Jam is a huge tour featuring many top names of Christian music such as Newsboys, TobyMac, Crowder, Lecrae, etc. It’s a huge spectacular of concerts that helps encourage believers in a fun and musical way.

    I’m a huge Christian rap/hip hop fanatic so when I heard Andy Mineo and Steven Malcolm was going to be there of course ya girl had to save up to go. It’s only $10 for general admission and it’s not too far away. Oh yes, ya girl is going to find anyway she can to go. I went last year and I had so too much fun……like “run to the stage to try to touch Trip Lee” kind of fun!

    Here is the flyer if this is something you might be interested in…

    Winter Jam!.jpg

  3. One thing I love the most is my Just Truth family. I have a whole circle of friends with this campus ministry. Just Truth is a campus ministry that we have on campus at Mississippi State University that holds Bible Studies once a week. These Bible Studies encourage and help train students to stand up for what we believe in and not be ashamed to set a standard. It helps us not to feel alone in this world and on campus. It helped me not be ashamed to be a believer and proclaim Christ in my life. I am so proud to be apart of this group I can’t even begin.

    Next month is going to be exciting for Just Truth because on March 20th we are actually having a Round Table Bible Study where each person has 5 to 10 minutes to share what God has laid on their heart. This is a way to get the full potential that the whole group has out there! I am excited and ready to hear what everyone has to give.

    If you would like to sit in and listen or be apart, it will be Monday, March 20 at McCool Hall Room 236! Ya might hear ya girl (ME) speak a lil sum sum! lol

    Just Truth .jpg

  4. The next one is an extension of the previous Just Truth event. The group is actually planning a trip to go to Dismal’s Canyon which sounds super fun because I have never been and I can’t wait to get everything together to go. I don’t have much info on what it is all about or if the trip is legit but one thing I do know…….if we go, it will be LIT!


  5. I am always willing to try new things and everyone knows I love “out of the norm” dates with Terrell. Now this might make you think “Really Tessa?” but I was glad to come up with this event for me and my boyfriend to try and attend. It’s not set in stone but I am really wanting to go.

    We might be attending Monster Jam! This event is a monster truck show. I have never been nor seen a monster truck event which is why I am really trying to experience this. I’m kind of scared because I don’t know what to expect but at the same time I want to try it.

    If you are interested in attending more info is on their Facebook page.


  6. My last event that I have to share is a campus event on Mississippi State. Organizations are always throwing some kind of event or party of some kind on campus but this one in particular caught my interest.

    So we all have heard of the big California festival called Coachella right? It’s real big and hype. They even live stream the whole entire day and event on YouTube and sometimes Facebook. Well, State is doing their own version of that same festival! Plus, they are promoting healthy relationships as apart of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Now I’m always down for raising awareness! So I did decide to make time to attend this event.

    For more info on this event please look on the  MSU website!


I am super excited for each of these events coming up next month. If you need more info on one of the events feel free to contact me! It’s going to be a super outgoing month of March for me. I will try my hardest to make posts of each event as I attend them and also update you on anything that changes. Comment and let me know of any events I missed that you will be attending next month!

I hope you guys have a blessed night!


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