She’s An Old Soul!

There are many things that I admire about my sisters (you will hear about them in my next Spotlight!). One thing I admire about the youngest one is her heart. Everything she does or have to do she makes sure she puts her heart into it every time. She wants the love to be in every single thing she accomplishes. We call her the mother of the three of us because she puts her heart in loving us by giving us sound reasoning and wisdom. There are times when we seem like the younger ones and she is the oldest. She is just the sweetest!

It’s different with the middle sister. There is one thing about her that I admire but at the same time it irritates me….. She is so fashion forward! Her style is always updated with the latest trends but in a modest and “I could get away with this at church” kind of way. She can find the ugliest skirt or most hideous sweater and make it seem like it was one of the hottest outfits talked about during New York Fashion Week.

Why does that irritate me? Well, because I can find an ugly sweater and after throwing it every which way on my body it will still be an ugly sweater. I can never get into the latest trends. They don’t really fascinate me that much because I can’t really pull them off like she can. Although she does compliment me and encourage me, I will never have the fashion taste like my sister. 

I figured out lately why this is such a problem for me…

This past Thanksgiving I went to Terrell’s hometown to meet his side of the family. While I was there, I stayed with one of his aunts who lived in this beautiful log house that would literally take your breath away staring at it. I believe staying with her kind of helped me find this passion within me for old things. I always wanted to be at her house. I never wanted to do anything or go anywhere because I just felt so comfortable and relaxed. I even turned seeing Terrell down to stay at her house. That’s how in love I was with it. She also had an old tea kettle that she got from her mom that I couldn’t stop obsessing over. I drunk tea EVERY morning my entire stay there with her. She even took me shopping at the local thrift store and I fell in love with about seven old dresses that I found (which I got for $12 all together… Yay me!). Lastly, I got to watch old sitcom and western films with her and her husband in the living room WITH TEA! I was totally in my element! By the time it was time for me to head back to my hometown I was so upset. It was like my fantasy world had come to reality and now it all was going to vanish. While traveling back  I felt a void…..and that’s when it all hit me….

Tessa is simply “old school”.

I easily fall in love with things in the mid 1900s. If I could live a day in the old black and white movies I watch I would be so overjoyed. Sometimes I can’t really explain it. That’s just simply what it is…… I have a 1940s and 1950s, rummage through my grandmother’s old clothes trunk, black and white films type style!

I guess I shouldn’t be that ashamed that my sister has a more modern taste to her wardrobe. It just leaves room for me to cherish her out-of-date  ensembles lol.

Well, here is a little a piece of me that you guys get to know!

Maybe as I learn more about myself you will learn more about me as well.

That’s all I have today! You all enjoy the rest of your night.


Here are a few pictures I pinned on Pinterest of my favorite vintage styles…..



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