Nike Slides and Hedgehog Socks. 

I just noticed something that grabbed my attention this morning and I would like to share it. Now what I’m about share is no way sending a hint out to my boyfriend and you might say I’m overreacting or being dramatic but…….. dramatic arts have been a love of mine for a long time.

Let me start off by saying that even though gifts and fancy dates aren’t really my thing, Terrell has mastered that part of dating really well. He showers me with gifts as much as he can and there is never an end to his list of ideas for a future date. Although having a lot of gifts and dates aren’t a big priority to me when it comes to dating, I can’t say I don’t enjoy being showered with them every now and then. 

A few days ago, we celebrated a year of dating. We also had a belated Christmas gift exchange as well prior to our one year. 

One of the gifts that I got for Christmas was about 6 pairs of different colored socks with my favorite animal on them, hedgehogs! I loved them! I told him each one would represent a different holiday so I could flaunt them around for my family and friends to see.

 Another gift that I got later on for our one year was Nike Slides. This one was thought out really well. Whenever I go visit him at his dorm, I always take off my shoes (I live in the South…). Sooner or later, I will end up with my size 7 twinkle toes in his two and a half sizes higher blue Nike Slides. I would scoot and flop everywhere! I really enjoyed myself and I was very comfortable. One day in the middle of my routine of sliding and flopping I stated, “I should really get me a pair of these, huh?” I don’t think I have to explain anything else but I do have my very own now lol. They are my favorite color combination so I think it was a great present.

This last gift was not really a gift but a promise. I usually make deals with Terrell on rare occasions when we talk. This one in particular was during our time away for Winter Break. His end of the deal was to give me a foot massage when he came back. From the time we have made the deal, he has not let me forget that he owes me one. Now this may just be me but it’s not every day a guy WANTS to give his girl a foot massage. I’ve been turning it down but that’s besides the point…..

The point I’m making here is that today I put on a pair of my hedgehog socks and Nike Slides and noticed something. There is something these gifts have in common. They all correlate in some degree. There is a strong connection between these gifts as I put them on and think about them. 

This might shock you but…. get ready for this….I’ve noticed…

My boyfriend has a foot obsession…

The End. Have a blessed day! 


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