Spotlight! : #MCM

Since it is a new year and I am determined to stay consistent with posting on my blog, I have come up with an idea to better introduce the people that are significant in my life. That way I won’t have to dedicate a whole paragraph in a random post to explain who the person is in my life and it won’t throw the subject of my future posts off. I’m going to dedicate each person an individual post.

I’m going to call it “Spotlight!”

My first spotlight person I have chosen to talk about is none other than my “Man Crush Monday”. I mean why not? It’s Monday! What better way to start off this little segment.

The picture of the very fine, young man above is my sweet boyfriend, Terrell. We have been dating for almost a year (a year on January 25). I have known Terrell for almost five years now. It was at church when I first met him and I was a senior in high school. At the time he was a freshman in college so yes…. I was the little high school girl crushing on the college boy. He was visiting our church to determine whether we were the right church for him to become a member.

I didn’t really have the guts to talk to him back then. I was literally crushing hard! I stalked him on social media, tried to go to every event he was involved in, and was jealous of every girl that came within ten feet of his presence. In my head, he was already mine. I just had to figure out how to bring my dreams to reality. Eventually though I did end up talking to him and holding a conversation with him even though it was to push myself unto him. Yes, I made it OBVIOUS that I had a crush on him and wanted to date him. I stole his number from my cousin’s phone and texted him to tell him “he should be with me”.

He turned me down of course.

Although I did not understand why back then, I am super glad that he did turn me down. I was really immature and wild. I was in and out of relationships and living the typical rebellious college student life when I got out of high school. I was seriously not ready to be with Terrell and I think God knew that I wasn’t too.

After two years of finding myself and going through many hardships and trials, I finally matured and started to just focus on loving myself. I kinda forgot about how much I adored Terrell and was just spoiling myself while living the “single as a pringle” lifestyle. What was Terrell doing around this time? The same, maturing and growing. Little did we know that God was preparing us for each other.

After a long period of not seeing each other and not talking….oh and not hanging out, we started picking up the pieces of our friendship. I ended up finding a way to get in contact with him (via We talked almost everyday, hung out, and spoke at church more often. We learned a lot about each other and ended up finding out we had millions of things in common. It was like looking at the male version of myself. I was so caught up in our friendship that I didn’t realize that Terrell was actually having feelings for me like I did at the very beginning (why looka there! Look how things backfire!).

We spent about 4 months rebuilding our friendship and I guess eventually Terrell had enough of being just friends. On January 25, 2016, Terrell asked me to be his girlfriend and that, my friends…was the first time I saw fireworks like in the movies (lol). I was so overjoyed! Our first date was at a The Lost Pizza Co. which is now my favorite restaurant in town. I enjoyed every moment of it but being with him FINALLY was probably why I enjoyed it so much.

Now we are about to approach a year of dating and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we carry on with our busy and adventurous lives.


Well in a short and simple way explained, this is the love of my life! I could go and on about how much he means to me, how much I love him, or how much stuff we have done together but I guess I can spare you the gushy love junk. I love you Terrelly! ❤

Here is my first Spotlight! person.

Stay tuned for more major jewels in my life!




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