Q * U * I * N * t * e * s * s * E * N * C * E

Hey! It’s me, Tessa. Welcome to my official blog site. Honestly, I have tried to get this right about 50 times but have been up and down with each one I have started. I’m a loving and caring individual with a dash of spice along the way. Come along with me as I experience life as a typical God-fearing, outgoing millennial.

Click around and explore! Here are some things you will find on my blog…

  • Outrageous stories you can probably relate to
  • Advice (my way…let’s remember I’m new at this thing called life)
  • Spotlight of important people in my life!
  • Challenges (because who doesn’t love those)

…and more!

I also have a Youtube channel so just in case you are tired of READING my life, you can VIEW my life! Ha!


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